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Varicose oil

Varicose oil
Varicose oil
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  • Sesame Oil, Bael Leaf, Goosegrass Silver


  • 30 Millilitres 


  • Ranjeewa Herbal ayrvedic company is located in Sri Lanka. We are making 100% herbal oil for varicose vain and its approved product of Ceylon Ayurveda department. Now we are available on global market. This product have 99% of result to cure the varicose vein. 

How long can it be cured:

  • When the disease is going to get better according to the new old age it changes. If nerves are tied for the short time, they heal within a month. If it is old one it gets for than a month

How to recognize the old and the new in the disease:

  • If the new one, the veins from the toes to the ankles will turn dark blue(best time to heal)pain in the affected area (may even extend to thegroin area)

Is only varicose heal ?

  • No, Knee pain,blakheads,joint swelling, numbness and sores caused by varicose veins are all cured

Country of origin

  • Sri Lanka
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