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Link Samahan SP Balm 20g


Link Samahan SP Balm is a unique herbal product whose effectiveness is based on the synergistic effects of a time-tested unique combination of herbal extracts and natural essential oils. These ingredients are identified in traditional medicine to provide fast, safe, and effective relief from aches, pains, and colds.


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  • Aches pains and colds are common ailments that hinder our day-to-day lives. Today’s fast-paced life also has an impact on some of these ailments, in other words, “what we do and how we do things” can be a key attribute to most of the aches and pains we face. Therefore these hindrances can affect any one of us at whatever life stage we are, as we all strive to juggle this fast-paced lifestyle, and are not ready to get stalled by these.
  • Link Samahan SP Balm is a unique herbal balm, that contains time-tested Ayurvedic herbal ingredients and natural essential oils guaranteed to provide fast, safe, and effective relief from aches pains, and colds.  Link Samahan SP Balm has the advantage of being a remarkable combination of time-tested Ayurvedic knowledge blended with modern science and technology to deliver the promise of safety and effectiveness.
  • The effectiveness of the proposition is based on the synergetic effects of the unique combination of 15 herbal ingredients that are identified in traditional medicine to provide fast, safe, and effective relief from aches, pains, and colds. In the incidents of colds, the consumers practice inhalation for relief from nasal congestion,  which habit   Link Samahan SP Balm, compliments effectively. Upon the multiple areas for which Link Samahan SP Balm is known to be effective are, joint pains, muscle pains, sprains, bruises, abrasions, and inflammations.

Link Samahan SP Balm

  • Improved & effective, with tested 15 herbal actives, providing synergistic relief through fast release of medicaments to deliver effectiveness
  • Quick and Effective action
  • Pleasant Aroma.
  • Ease of application, and spreadability
  • Safe on Skin

Herbal Ingredients

  • Extracts of Ocimum sanctum L. (Maduruthala  –  leaves ), Gynandropsis pentaphylla (L.) DC. (Wela – leaves), Alpinia galanga (L.) Sw. (Aratta – rhizome),   Aegle marmelos (L.) Corr. (Beli – leaves), Vitex negundo L. (Nika – leaves), Caesalpinia bonduc  (L.)   Roxb.    (Kumburu –  leaves),   Essential oils of Wintergreen, Cajeput, Eucalyptus, Citronella, Black Pepper, Clove Bud, Tea Tree and Natural Menthol and  Camphor

Effective remedy for

  • Headaches, Migraine, Sinusitis, Cold, Nasal congestion, Tonsillitis and Sore throat, Stiff neck, Cramps, Joint pains, Muscle pains, Back pains, Bruises, Sprains, Inflammations, other Aches and Pains, Abrasions and Skin irritations, Menstrual pains, Insect bites including mosquitoes



Country of origin

  • Sri Lanka


Link Natural

Link Natural

The company Link Natural Products established in 1982, is driven by a challenging and inspiring corporate philosophy, namely that of providing an innovative range of herbal products for its consumers. These include safe and effective healthcare products, Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals as well as personal care and wellness products. The current product range consists of over 200 products All these products are developed by effectively blending the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda with modern science and leading-edge technology, measuring well up to the highest international standards. Our products are meant to bring enhanced quality of life, good health, and longevity to our consumers, both local and international.

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